Who should learn this course?

  • Freshers looking for a job in software industry
  • College Students looking to do projects in php/laravel
  • Professionals looking for career growth in php/laravel
  • Professionals looking for technology change to php/laravel
  • Non Technical people looking for a career change into software development

Is this a certificate course?

Yes. You will get a Certificate of Completion upon the successful completion of the course.


Laravel is one of the most powerful and widely used frameworks for php in the world. The application of laravel ranges from small scale to large scale. It's baked in security features, Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping), In-built Authentication and many more features puts Laravel a step ahead of its competitors.

Laravel is an open source, robust PHP based framework. It idealises the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. Web applications developed with Laravel frameworks always possess a structured and pragmatic design, as it reuses the different components of several frameworks.

Compared to other php frameworks Laravel provides a structured and secured web application. By going through this course you will understand the basic fundamentals and concepts of Laravel framework by building your own web application.

Topics covered in this course

  • Framework Introduction
  • Understanding Composer
  • Laravel Installation
  • Laravel Static Website
  • Form Post
  • Form Validation
  • Laravel - Connecting to Database
  • Migrations
  • Laravel Query Builder - Insert Delete Update & Select
  • Authentication and session
  • Eloquent ORM models
  • Seeding
  • Email
  • Notification
  • Middleware
  • Pagination
  • File Upload
  • Pdf creation
  • Xml parsing
  • Ajax
  • REST Api
  • Eloquent ORM relations
  • Final Project