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    Free Class is for those who wants to get an idea of how we train here at MashupStack before enrolling for the course.

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    MashupStack, SM Centre, Opposite South Indian Bank Elamkulam Junction, Kallampally, Sreekaryam, Trivandrum, Kerala

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    College students

    Result awaiting students, also Students with backpapers

    Experienced professional who want to start career in web development

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Mashupstack is know for its special way of training student.We give more preference in building skill than just learning


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At Mashupstack we've designed a unique educational program that help our students gain a deep, practical, understanding of each technology.


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Mashupstack graduates are the masters of the latest web-development technologies. Mashupstack graduates are skilled fullstack developers.

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Sreenath Sasikumar, cyber security consultant and Commander at Kerala Police cyberdome, was honoured for detecting a high-level security vulnerability of major Google product

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Works at Stackon

Works at YLEM

Akash Hari
Works at Mitsogo

Anila Soman
Works at Ericsson

Anjana Prasad
Works at IBS

Works at InApp

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UST Global Allianz Bosch Faya H & R Block InApp Infosys Navigant QBurst Quest Congnizant TATA Seqato
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Google Reviews

Let me tell u a story about a boy who thought coding was a really difficult thing to do! The boy was sad because all of his friends were good in technology and he was a noob in technical knowledge and skills. Time goes on and accidentally he attended a technical talk at his college by a person ,named Sreenath Sasikumar. The boy got impressed with his talk and contacted him and said his dream of becoming a full stack developer. He then decided to join Mashup Stack to study full stack web development in php/python. It was a million dollar decision in his life. In Mashup he started with creating a clone of BBC using html and css. Gradually he started to love coding more than anything. That's because the training style in Mashup is very different from anywhere else. Mashup stack gave him some awesome super powers to quickly learn and work in technology. Sreenath sir told all his real life tech experiences, that gave him in depth knowledge which was really unique. Sir appreciated the boy for every little achievement. The boy submitted a google dork and created 3 web sites and started him own technical blog. All these happened because of MashupStack and Sreenath sir. Finally the boy got placed at QBurst,Technopark. With love, Ashwin Rajeev :)
bincy firnas
Thanks for the excellent fullstack php training I got from MashupStack. I got my first job in my career as a Software Engineer at Steerforth private limited, Technopark . Indeed very happy to learn/work in lots of technologies while studying from here. I am so grateful to the trainer Mr Sreenath Sasikumar and the entire team of Mashup for their support and training.
Aysha Bai J
One of the best software training institute you can ever find. You will not only learn how to code but also can build confidence in coding. I remember my first ever class on mashupStack where our mentor Sreenath sir said us to make a clone of BBC Website. By completing that assignment we felt so much satisfied and yes it helped to increase our confidence. Joining MashupStack was a turning point in my software career. From BBC Website clone to E-commerce project in Codeignitor the journey was amazing by which we learned every bit of web design including HTML, CSS, Jquery etc. Anyone who is willing to make a career in the software field, I recommend you to join Mashupstack. The Curated notes provided by Sreenath sir and the mock interviews helped me to clear all the rounds of recruitment and now I have a job offer letter from Navigant India. Thanks to team MashupStack.
Aromal S
Mashupstack helped me to change the way I think when solving a problem. After joining here within a few days I understood that one's willingness to learn is more important than his/her ability to learn. Mashupstack showed me the most right path and methods to solve a problem. Now I can say I am able to learn any technology with confidence. The way of knowledge sharing by Sreenath Sir is so amazing that even a child can understand a topic. He is an inspiration to me. Also the great support of Sreeram Sir and Sreenath sir encouraged me a lot. I suggest everyone who has the willingness to learn to join mashupstack and the rest comes along the journey here.
Abhi Das
Mashup Stack!!! I heard that name from my best friend Ashwin. This was how the magic came to my life. Saying about me , Of all the things that I wished to do, coding would be the last. One day Ashwin said me about a Boot-camp class at Mashup and we should go. While he was exploring the Front End Technologies at Mashup and I was exploring the wildness of Rosemala . You guessed it right!! Coding would be the last thing i will be doing then. A week later i joined Mashup along with Ashwin and Vishnu. There i met a magician who was listed in Google Hall Of Fame and Deputy Commander of Kerala Police Cyberdome. MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC Now when I am leaving Mashup Stack I will not say that coding would be the first thing that i will be doing but definitely its not the last thing . It wasn't about what i learned but how I learned. The php trainings and python trainings which I got from here were excellent. Thank You Mashup for teaching me about how to learn. I even got placed in Salesfon technologies as a fullstack developer from here. If you ask me what is Mashup, I would say, "Of All The Good Decisions I'd Made In My Life.... ....Joining Mashup Would Be The First " Note: Magic can never be explained with words, you have to watch it yourself!!

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