Who should learn this course?

  • Freshers who are looking for a job in software industry
  • College Students looking to do projects in NodeJS
  • Non Technical people looking for a career change into software development
  • Developers who would like to switch their backend technology to NodeJS.

Is this a certificate course?

Yes. You will get a Certificate of Completion upon the successful completion of the course.


Node.js is a JS runtime environment that helps to execute the code outside the browser. It allows the user to run scripts on the server side. With the help of Nodejs we can create the backend of a website in javascript. Thus making a website wholly from javascript, that uses javascript in the front-end as well as using it in the back-end by node js.

This course covers everything that is needed to be an expert in Node.js ranging from emails to making basic requests. This course will be your perfect companion in going to the different frameworks of Node.js.

Topics covered in this course

  • NodeJs Introduction
  • Features of NodeJs
  • Javascript Basics
  • Asynchronous Programing
  • Environment setup
  • Installation
  • NodeJs First program
  • Node.js Console
  • Import required modules
  • Create server
  • Read request and return response
  • NodeJs REPL
  • NodeJs Package Manager (NPM)
  • Installing Modules using npm
  • Command Line Options
  • NodeJs Global Objects
  • OS related utility functions
  • Timer functions
  • Error Handling
  • DNS module
  • Crypto, TLS/SSL module
  • Process, child process
  • buffers Read/Write
  • File System Module
  • HTTP Module
  • File System Module
  • URL Module
  • File Handling
  • Web Module
  • NodeJs Connection with MySQL
  • Mysql Insert
  • Mysql Update
  • Mysql Delete
  • Mysql Select
  • NodeJs Connection with MongoDB
  • MongoDB Insert
  • MongoDB Update
  • MongoDB Delete
  • MongoDB Select
  • Final Project