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Let me tell u a story about a boy who thought coding was a really difficult thing to do! The boy was sad because all of his friends were good in technology and he was a noob in technical knowledge and skills. Time goes on and accidentally he attended a technical talk at his college by a person ,named Sreenath Sasikumar. The boy got impressed with his talk and contacted him and said his dream of becoming a full stack developer. He then decided to join Mashup Stack to study full stack web development in php/python. It was a million dollar decision in his life. In Mashup he started with creating a clone of BBC using html and css. Gradually he started to love coding more than anything. That's because the training style in Mashup is very different from anywhere else. Mashup stack gave him some awesome super powers to quickly learn and work in technology. Sreenath sir told all his real life tech experiences, that gave him in depth knowledge which was really unique. Sir appreciated the boy for every little achievement. The boy submitted a google dork and created 3 web sites and started him own technical blog. All these happened because of MashupStack and Sreenath sir. Finally the boy got placed at QBurst,Technopark. With love, Ashwin Rajeev :)
bincy firnas
Thanks for the excellent fullstack php training I got from MashupStack. I got my first job in my career as a Software Engineer at Steerforth private limited, Technopark . Indeed very happy to learn/work in lots of technologies while studying from here. I am so grateful to the trainer Mr Sreenath Sasikumar and the entire team of Mashup for their support and training.
Aysha Bai J
One of the best software training institute you can ever find. You will not only learn how to code but also can build confidence in coding. I remember my first ever class on mashupStack where our mentor Sreenath sir said us to make a clone of BBC Website. By completing that assignment we felt so much satisfied and yes it helped to increase our confidence. Joining MashupStack was a turning point in my software career. From BBC Website clone to E-commerce project in Codeignitor the journey was amazing by which we learned every bit of web design including HTML, CSS, Jquery etc. Anyone who is willing to make a career in the software field, I recommend you to join Mashupstack. The Curated notes provided by Sreenath sir and the mock interviews helped me to clear all the rounds of recruitment and now I have a job offer letter from Navigant India. Thanks to team MashupStack.
Aromal S
Mashupstack helped me to change the way I think when solving a problem. After joining here within a few days I understood that one's willingness to learn is more important than his/her ability to learn. Mashupstack showed me the most right path and methods to solve a problem. Now I can say I am able to learn any technology with confidence. The way of knowledge sharing by Sreenath Sir is so amazing that even a child can understand a topic. He is an inspiration to me. Also the great support of Sreeram Sir and Sreenath sir encouraged me a lot. I suggest everyone who has the willingness to learn to join mashupstack and the rest comes along the journey here.
Abhi Das
Mashup Stack!!! I heard that name from my best friend Ashwin. This was how the magic came to my life. Saying about me , Of all the things that I wished to do, coding would be the last. One day Ashwin said me about a Boot-camp class at Mashup and we should go. While he was exploring the Front End Technologies at Mashup and I was exploring the wildness of Rosemala . You guessed it right!! Coding would be the last thing i will be doing then. A week later i joined Mashup along with Ashwin and Vishnu. There i met a magician who was listed in Google Hall Of Fame and Deputy Commander of Kerala Police Cyberdome. MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC Now when I am leaving Mashup Stack I will not say that coding would be the first thing that i will be doing but definitely its not the last thing . It wasn't about what i learned but how I learned. The php trainings and python trainings which I got from here were excellent. Thank You Mashup for teaching me about how to learn. I even got placed in Salesfon technologies as a fullstack developer from here. If you ask me what is Mashup, I would say, "Of All The Good Decisions I'd Made In My Life.... ....Joining Mashup Would Be The First " Note: Magic can never be explained with words, you have to watch it yourself!!
Gokul chandran
I had an awesome experience studying here at MashupStack. According to me Mashupstack is one of the best software development training which focusses mainly on improving the coding skills. I learnt the fullstack php training program here. Each and every section of the code what we develop from here is discussed and explained in depth. They mentor you in such a way that you will fall in love with coding. You will get into a place where you will study from the basiscs that is, HTML to the endless software technologies. Discussions happen on the latest technologies every now and then. Above all, interactive classes, mock interviews, Groups discussions etc were indeed very helpful. I improved my coding skills and technical knowledge a lot in almost just 3 months. I also got placed at Neostructo while doing the course from here. Thanks a lot Team MashupStack.
Athira M
The best thing about Mashupstack is that there are no notes or lectures or fixed syllabus like what we see everywhere. Our requirement becomes our syllabus and we can learn at our own pace from our errors rather than notes. From printing "hello world" to making e-commerce sites the 3 month course at Mashupstack has not only taught me to code but also made me capable and flexible to learn and adapt to any new technology. Also the mock-up interviews and discussions provided by Sreenath sir and Sreeram sir needs special mention without which I would have never landed a job at InApp as a python programmer. Thank you for the support Mashupstack!
Navaneeth Prakash
Me, having no coding background, joined mashupstack 2 months ago Mashupstack offers the best when it comes to coding Mashupstack offers the most fruitful methodology and training curriculum for every aspirant who are passionate about technology I sincerely thank my trainers Mr Sreenath Sasikumar and Mr Sreeram Sasikumar for guiding me to give the best of me in campus placement in the college I am placed in Robert bosch engineering and business solutions and i owe this achievement to Mashupstack for preplacement preparations and mock interviews I recommend mashupstack as the best place for placement preparations and passionate study of technology with the best methodology
Vaishnav V Chandran
Totally worth it. Each class is not only about tech and coding but also to learn how to create positive vibes and develop communication skills. That one free session was the game changer in my life which is the prime reason for the development in my tech knowledge and placement at UST Global. Cheers to the team behind MashupStack. You guys are the best ❤
fathima sulficker
It was a great experience for me at MashupStack. I got placed in Aeistir Technologies after completing the course from here. As I was from an electronics background, I wasn't very good at my coding skills. It is from Mashup I developed the interest in programming. Mashup is the perfect place for any graduates of any stream to mold herself to an IT professional. The ever-ready co-operation and support received from Sreenath sir and whole mashup team was highly appreciated.They give more importance in practical training along with theoretical aspects. Sreenath sir helps in creating a very good relation among students which is helpful to be as a team player. Mashup helps the students not just to groom as an IT professional but also as an individual with great life skills.
Thomas Paul
Thanks a lot MashupStack for supporting me to get a job at Reizend IT consultants, Kinfra park, Trivandrum. Being from mech engg background I had only a very little knowledge of coding while I joined Mashup.I started learning coding from basics to an advanced level in a very professional, career oriented way of training from Mashup. The way Sreenath sir trained me and everyone in our batch was amazing. The tips, techniques and the skill set that are needed to be acquired are achieved under his session.. Sreenath sir is very particular in describing about every scenario that needs to be implemented in every session. Also personally we can reach out to him any moment incase we have any doubts.joining Mashup taught me how passionately code and also boosted up my confidence level. Looking back, it was indeed the right decision to join MashupStack!! Thanks everyone and special thanks to Sreenath sir, Sreeram sir and also my friends in Mashup for every support that was given to me.
Gopu V Ramanan
Went from not knowing what a variable is to making an entire website from scratch, learned from Mashup, in 3-6 months, what i could never learn in any other place including but not limited to our education system. Got way more than my money’s worth and then some. I am also very happy to get placed in Cyfous Technologies at the time of training from here. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn programing or is confused as to what to do after they’ve graduated or even before in some cases. 10/10
Kiran S
Why I chose mashupstack? just one simple reason. “I choose to learn from the best". One day I heard a talk by Sreenath sir at an event and decided that I had to learn from here. Over next year, I learned too many technologies. It was really different. They even train us to think the right way while coding. When it comes to learning how to code better Mashup Stack is the place. Sreenath Sasikumar sir is skillful, humble, passionate, and he teaches from his personal experiences, and is always excited to show you the way. What he trains will help you improve your coding, not just during the course, but beyond that also. In just a couple of short months ( i was in weekend batch ), I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my coding skills. This course is great for anyone. I highly recommend it. It can change your complete perception of coding.
I've came to MashupStack with a 5 days internship program on topic Artificial Intelligence. I don't even know a single idea of that topic, but from the 5 days class I got a confidence to bulid a chat bot in Dialog Flow and integrate in anywhere. "MashupStack- A better place to learn"
Kannan K D P
I wanted to learn and explore a new web application technology -python django , so I enrolled myself at Mashupstack. At first , when I joined I was expecting a normal class and mentoring like every other training institutes but the experience which I got from the trainer - Mr. Sreenath was a quite bit different. The training pattern and rule used by him to teach me the above technology was in a manner that I am now self-confident to learn and explore other new technologies and he helped me with my internship task too which at first I was wondering whether I will be able to complete it but with his motivation I got inspired and I completed the same without any trouble . I went there without any knowledge but after the course I am very happy to find myself in a position to develop any web application.Overall , Mashupstack gave me training not only by teaching me about the current technologies but gave me the correct instructions on how to learn any technology.