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Thanks for the wonderful trainings I got from Mashup. The classes are pretty good and the course syllabus is awesome. They are the best people in software trainings! Once you complete the trainings from here, even if you are a fresher,you will get an impressive skillset and placements as well...!

Amal Nandan

I would like to thank my trainer Mr.Sreenath Sasikumar sir and the entire team of Mashup Academy for their full support and encouragement in developing my skills and acquire a job of my dreams at H & R BLOCK even during my hardest times of my life . Developing my technical skill sets to explore my career was a challenging dream for me. I joined Mashup Academy from my final year of my btech course as many of my friends suggested and I consider this as one of my best decisions i had ever taken. Apart from a regular way of teaching, Mashup Academy trained me on practical sessions , lab classes,technological awareness .Thanks to Mashup Academy and the entire team , my friends ,well wishers and my family😊

Anjana Venkataramanan

The excellent training I got from Mashup Academy helped me get my first job as a Software Engineer at H&R Block, one of the best reputed companies based in USA. My heartfelt thanks for the trainer for the support & guidance he gave me throughout the training. The professional change I had from being a fresher to a software developer from Mashup was really a great experience. I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and learning pattern here. I would say 100% success rate in placements for the students who can work hard is the key highlight of MashupAcademy.

Aswathy Prakasan

For me Mashup has been a blessing. Joining here boosted my confidence and gave wings to my imagination. The trainings here are superb. What else do you need when you can learn from the best person himself, Sreenath Sasikumar. Surely I can say this is the best place to learn coding and to become a fullstack developer.

Ranadeep R

Thanks to Mashup Academy for grooming me into a Full Stack Developer in less than 3 months. Landing my first job at H&R Block from here has been one of the happiest moments in my life. The mock interviews, questionnaire sessions, tech discussions, peer programming and all create a different atmosphere here unlike the other conventional places. Also we got plenty of interview calls and job opportunities within 3 months itself. That was really amazing. I am so grateful to the trainer Mr.Sreenath Sasikumar and the entire team of Mashup for their support and training. Joining Mashup was one of the best decisions that I have taken in my life and I am proud enough to say that now :-)

Lekshmipriya B.L

I thank you for your amazing energy and hard effort you put into our classes. I learned a great deal about a whole spectrum of this courses. I think you are excellent at motivating people to enjoy the class and do their best. I seems like there is subtile contamination of your energy among students while your are lecturing and all of as get connected and bonded somehow to make a great class all together. It just incredible to see how different your approach to teaching is from others. I can at least say you are gifted you and your class will be remembered for a long time. I will miss all the things you have shared. Best regards from Roshya Ann Rarichen

Roshya ann Rarichen

High quality trainings and smart way of teaching is what I felt when I attended the training sessions at Mashup. It's more of a practical based learning which makes a student good at programming. They have also placed many students in Technopark firms, Inforpark and Startups. If you are looking to learn programming, I would say this is the best software training available in Trivadrum right now.

Sanu Mohan

First of all big thanks to Mashup for helping me to get my first job in my career @ Hueray Technologies, Technopark. I would say Mashup Academy is the best training center in Trivandrum. Joining mashup academy was one of the best decision I have taken. Learning there was a great experience. If you are passionate about technology and coding, you should definitely join Mashup. It was a great time for me during my full stack developer course here in Mashup Academy. The trainer always tries to improve our technical skills and knowledge through assignments, questionnaire sessions and he also makes us very confident to work in any sort of technologies. This place is indeed very special from other conventional centers. They even conducted Mock interviews and English Speaking Sessions to improve the communication skills of students so that they can perform well in interviews. That too helped me a lot to crack the interview. Special Thanks to the trainer Mr.Sreenath

Meenashi T.A.

Thanks a lot Mashup for helping me to get a job at Waybeo, Technopark Trivandrum. The method of training at Mashup Academy is something you won't get anywhere else. It is completely different from a normal classroom course. The syllabus consists of some of the best technologies out there in the industry. At Mashup Academy, there is no teacher-student distinction. Everyone works together. They make you learn by helping and working with others. Everyone's problem is your problem, and your's is everyone else's. The hands-on experience you get is immense. They also put in a lot of effort to get you prepared for an interview, with mock interview sessions, group discussions and awesome course material. It's the best place to fall in love with web development. Altogether, an extremely fun and enjoyable place to learn.

Gokul K P

Well begun is half done. Today I got placed at H&R Block, dedicating all of its credits to MashupAcademy. From a fresher with a little knowledge in technology, I turned out to be a Full Stack Developer who can now build my own website. If you are passionate in coding there is no better place than MashupAcademy to start learning things. Training offers pure professionalism, individual care, boosting up your confidence and brings out the passion in you. Technical discussions and code debugging are the best part of the training that I really loved. Extremely proud to be a Mashupian. Become an Amazing Software Engineer.

Arunima VS

Thanks to MashupAcademy for helping me to get a job in Allianz Cornhill. Joining Mashup was the turning point of my life. It is the place where I realised my own potential. Apart from the awesome technical knowledge we gain, Mashup turns us into true professionals. I am damn sure that no one can find a better place than Mashup to learn programming and full stack development.

Anjali Sarath

I had no idea about web technologies. Mashup gave me guidence to upgrade my skills. Their team is great. It is worth investing time in Mashup Academy. The Support is also outstanding. They make me challenge at every point, and that's GOOD!!. Thank you Mashup Academy for making me a web developer.

Nicolas james